Your Coding Sidekick


About Codely

Codely is your personal AI-powered programming assistant. It takes care of many of your tasks and furthers your productivity. Codely understands what you want to create and suggests code completions. Let Codely help you correct, comment and explain code or even translate speech to code. By creating and reusing Snippets of frequently used code, Codely helps you to improve your efficiency. All of that in your favorite editor.


Focus on the bigger picture - Codely sees what you are doing and suggests code completions or writes new code from comments in your editor. - Just select the code you want to complete and press the configured hotkey.

Let Codely do the boring stuff - Codely corrects your code and provides comments for better understanding.

Always someone to ask - Ask Codely anything you need to know and get language and code answers specific to your problem.

Never loose track - Codely understands your code and explains it in easy-to-understand language.


Create snippets of frequently used code to boost your efficiency. Just select the code you want to create a snippet of and press the configured hotkey. Reuse the snippet by simply typing its name.